Our Story

SimQuell is the result of 13 years of research and development. The idea was initially conceived by a physician in our research team who had encountered several patients in his practice with herpetic disease that continued to have outbreaks.

These patients expressed their frustration with having to get a prescription every time one of the outbreaks occurred. They would constantly ask if there was anything else they could do to help prevent this virus from interfering with their lives. Sadly, there was no magic bullet in the supplement world.

With his scientific background, this physician went scouring through medical and nutritional texts looking for articles and information that might help these patients with recurrent outbreaks. The goals were easy. Make a supplement that was effective, easy to tolerate, natural, easily available, and didn’t require taking dozens of pills.

After several years of research and the use of medical knowledge of the herpes family of viruses , our compounds basic ingredients were formulated. The initial research and formulation required multiple programs of different tablets.

After isolating the most effective ingredients we decided to formulate a single nutritional supplement that contains all amino acids, antioxidants and immune boosters in one capsule.

Early clinical testing has proven to be very positive, and we look forward to continue clinical trials.