Fatigue, cold weather, stress, sun exposure, colds, flu and hormonal changes can affect your skin and your immune system. Healthy skin is the first line of defense from foreign invaders. Without proper dietary support, your skin and your immune system may not operate at their best. SimQuellTM contains immune system support ingredients that promote optimal health and provide support for even the most susceptible areas like your lips.

Topical ointments and lip balms only work on the surface. SimQuellTM actually helps boost your immune system with its L-Lysine, BHT and Echinacea TRIPLE ACTION Patented Formula. At the first tingle, start taking SimQuellTM. This revolutionary IMMUNE SUPPORT supplement works in three ways. First, it naturally competes for nutrients. Second, a powerful ANTIOXIDANT melts a protective coating, and third it helps increase the number of white blood cells, which fight infections. This unique approach is unlike any other over the counter product. It is so unique it was awarded patents in the US, Europe and Australia.

SimQuellTM ...the simple solution.

This product has been awarded US Patent No. 8,247,006 and Int. Patent No. PCT/US11/41380.

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